How to make sure your Air Conditioning Installer is Qualified to complete your job.

How to make sure your Air Conditioning Installer is Qualified to complete your job.

Did you know there is a difference between a Qualified Refrigeration Mechanic and a Split Installer?

A Split Installer is a person who has done a short course  (usually 3 days) to learn how to install split systems. They are legally allowed to install Splits … that is all. It is not in their scope of practice to repair or warranty the system they have installed, nor are they allowed to install a ducted system over 15KW. They may not have a restricted electrical license either, this legally prohibits them from being able to repair most problems that may occur. Please ask your tradesperson for their qualification and know if they can give you the correct after sales service.

A qualified Refrigeration Mechanic has full scope of practice from installation, repair, warranty and after sales service with all facets of air conditioning. Including but not limited to domestic and commercial ducted and split systems, evaporative systems and other types of refrigeration including cold rooms. A restricted electrical license is an inclusion for a qualified Refrigeration Mechanic. However, it is essential that all new air conditioning systems are wired by a qualified Electrician.

If you have a Refrigeration Mechanic who says they can save you money by wiring it themselves … run a mile!

Other Questions to ask are:

Are they ARCtick approved?

What qualifications do they have?

How many years experience do they have in the industry?

Are they a member of the QBCC?

Are they the warranty agents for the brands they are installing?

Do they have the relevant insurances?