Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is widely regarded as the most cost effective way to heat and cool your home.  The systems work by continually passing the conditioned air across an indoor coil that will be heating or cooling, thus reducing or increasing the temperature to the desired temperature.  We can design, supply and install all aspects of reverse cycle air conditioning including;

  • Ducted (A common indoor coil mounted in the ceiling distributes the air throughout the conditioned space via air ducts and registers. These areas can be individually zoned for greater air distribution and energy efficiency)
  • High wall split system (The most common form. An indoor unit is mounted on a wall in the conditioned space.  Pipe work is then run to the outdoor system, generally located on an external wall close to the indoor unit)
  • Ceiling cassette (The same set up as a high wall split system, only the indoor unit is installed through the ceiling, protruding approx 10mm through the ceiling)
  • Floor mounted (Another form of split system, with the indoor unit mounted on the floor)
  • Rooftop packaged system (System is all in one and mounts on the roof. Air is distributed via metal ducting down through the roof and into the areas.  Mainly used for commercial and industrial applications)
  • Multi split system (A form of split system with up to five indoor units sharing a common outdoor unit. Indoor units can be made up of high wall, ceiling cassette or ducted)
  • VRV system (As with the multi systems, VRV comprises of multiple indoor units connecting to one outdoor system. Mainly used in commercial applications where over 50 indoor units can connect to a single outdoor)